P. Mauriat PMXT-66R X, Un-Lacquered ‘Influence’ Tenor Saxophone


: $7,679.00$8,529.00

This tenor has true rolled tone holes which produce a slightly warmer and bigger sound quality than other tenors on the market.   The UL model is exactly the same as the dark lacquered model, except that it is un-lacquered, and has extra engraving.

(Special Order Item- not normally in stock)


The “Influence” model has nickel silver, flute like, key touches rather than the standard abalone or black pearl touches.  These keys translate into what feels like faster action and ease of play in your hands.  I didn’t believe this was possible until I played it and it does give the feeling of increased speed to your fingers!!!  Finish is un-lacquered (UL) or dark lacquer (DK).  The un-lacquered version provides more edge and presence than the dark lacquered model.  This model includes a High F# key, but you can special order one without that key if you wish.  A strong tenor for a strong player!
(66R UL shown in picture.  Close up picture is of the influence keys on the 66RX DK.)
The Sax Alley price includes our “New Horn Set Up” and FREE SHIPPING.
Comes with a contoured case with shoulder strap, mouthpiece, cap, ligature, neck strap, cork grease and cleaning cloth.
(Pics are from the PMXT-66R UL and 66RDK Tenors.)

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Un-Lacquered, Dark Lacquered