P. Mauriat System 76 TUL Un-lacquered (76TDK, Dark Lacquered) Tenor Saxophone – 2nd Edition



The bore and keywork design are like a famous vintage french saxophone and this one has a very centered sound with better resonance than the earlier model. It comes with the Super VI neck and is more focused than the 66R, but still with a big, warm sound quality. This model is the UL, unlacquered, version which has more presence and sound than the DK, dark lacquer, version.  Also available as the 76 TULF with no High F# key and the 76 TDK with dark lacquer.

(Special Order Item- not normally in stock)



A super tenor for those who like the sound of straight tone holes better than rolled tone holes.

The 2nd Edition has some design changes and keywork changes which make it even more playable than the original System 76.  They have opened up the neck and it now plays HUGE, as big as the 66R with more focus!!


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Professional Model

New, Used, or Vintage



76 TUL (Un-lacquered), 76 TDK (Dark Lacquered)

Key Option - TUL Only

None, 76 – TUL (with High F# Key), 76 – TULF (without High F# Key)