Yanagisawa BWO1 Baritone Saxophone (Also BWO2)



Yanagisawa’s entry model professional baritone.   These baritones play extremely well and are worth every penny!!


(Special Order Item- not normally in stock)


The BW01 is the standard pro Yani Bari, the BW02 features a bronze body, bow, bell and neck, the BW010 is the same as the BW010 but features ribbed post construction and the BW020 is the same as the BW02 but with ribbed construction. The BW030BSB is their top of the line model and features a sterling silver body and neck, floor peg and several spatula key and ergonomic improvments.
Yanagisawa, like most newer baris, plays with a Slightly brighter sound quality, but the way this bari plays you can use just about any mouthpiece that works for you and you will get a great sound.
The Sax Alley price will include our  extensive “New Horn Set Up”  Shipping cost is extra and dependent on destination.
Comes with case, mouthpiece, cap, ligature and cork grease.

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Professional Model

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BW01 – Standard Lacquered, BW01S- Silver-Plate, BW02 – Bronze, BW010- Standard Lacquer, Ribbed Construction, BW020- Bronze, Ribbed Construction, BW010S- Silver-Plate, Ribbed Construction, BW030BSB – Sterling Silver body and neck, gold lacquered bell and keys, floor peg assembly