Why Buy from Sax Alley

Why buy from Sax Alley?


Our Promise

We stand behind every product we sell. We give you a one week from receipt trial period to be sure the product you ordered works for you. We don’t want you to be stuck with something that doesn’t improve your playing experience and further your desire to be a better saxophonist. We are here to serve you!


Our prices are better than most shops and competitive with many, especially when you consider the value for your dollar in our extensive repair and set up of used and new saxophones. If you are considering buying from another dealer, ask them if they do a complete disassemble and extensive $450-$550 “New Horn Set Up” on every new professional model saxophone they sell. If not, you have to ask yourself why you would pay more for less?

(Since we charge very low prices, our prices are subject to change depending on cost from suppliers and fluctuating foreign currencies, but we will do our best to keep them as low as we can. If product price changes from when you ordered to the time the item is available for shipping, we will notify you of the price change and allow you to cancel if you do not want to pay the new price.)

Saxophone Repair

All of our repair technicians are saxophone players. No drummers or guitar players working on your saxophone! This business was founded around our repair shop, before we began selling any products, and that is where our reputation was formed. When you get your saxophone back, it will play better than when it entered our shop, guaranteed!

Every used student, intermediate or professional model we sell gets a minimum of our $220-$350 “Complete Adjustment” for no extra charge. (The only time we don’t do any work on a horn we sell is when we offer that instrument “as is”.)


We are an Authorized Dealer for Yamaha, Andreas Eastman, TM Custom, Selmer Paris, Yanagisawa, Keilwerth and P. Mauriat Saxophones. We have a great selection of new, vintage and used mouthpieces, ligatures and other accessories as well as LP’s, Classic Jazz and Classical Saxophone CD’s and DVD’s and some instruction books.

– We carry only those products that we have tested and believe are of high quality and work well. No unplayable student mouthpieces here that won’t work no matter how good a player you are. Only top quality products tested and approved by us.

– Used saxophones will receive a minimum of $220-$350 of work, often much more, to be sure they play well when you receive them.

– We can give you good advice on product comparison and which saxophone, mouthpiece or reed might work best for your playing situation since we have tested the brands we sell.


We give you FREE Shipping with each NEW professional model saxophone you purchase.

We ship with manufacturers boxes or boxes made specifically for us, surrounded by several inches of styrofoam packing material or bubble wrap. We also cork the keys shut on any saxophone being shipped to insure that it stays in good adjustment. (All shipping charges on used or student model saxophones are the responsibility of the purchaser even if the instrument is returned. You will also be charged a 3.85% re-stocking fee on any order over $400 if the items are returned and purchased with a credit card.)

At Sax Alley, we don’t just sell you a product. We are selling you a product backed by our service and our reputation that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment from the time you receive it!!!