Yanagisawa SW01 Straight Soprano Saxophone (Also SW02, SW03, SW010, SW020 and SW037))


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Yanagisawa’s straight sopranos are some of the better sopranos on the market! They play very well in tune and with a nice, brighter sound quality. The SW01, SW02 and SW03 all feature single-body construction in lacquered brass, bronze and sterling silver. The SW010, SW020 and SW037 models all feature 2-part body constructions with both curved and straight necks.

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Comes with case, mouthpiece, cap, ligature and cork grease.

Yanagisawa, like most newer sopranos, plays with a brighter sound quality so we recommend the Otto Link Hard Rubber soprano mouthpiece for jazz or the Selmer S80 C*, Vandoren Optimum or Rousseau Classic for classical work.

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SW01 – Single Body, Lacquered Brass, SW02 – Single Body, Bronze, SW03 – Single Body, Sterling Silver, SW010 – 2-Piece Body, Lacquered Brass, SW020 – 2-Piece Body, Bronze, SW037 – 2-Piece Body, Sterling Silver