Yanagisawa AW010 Alto Saxophone (Also AW010S, AW010UL, AW020, AW020PG, AS020UL, AW030, AS032, AW033, AW035, AW037 and AW037PG)


: $7,350.00$27,719.00

Yanagisawa’s pro model alto with ribbed construction. Lots of model and finish options in a great playing instrument, probably the best on the market in terms of overall response and intonation!

(Special Order Item)


Yanagisawa, like most newer altos, plays with a brighter sound quality so we recommend a standard Meyer alto mouthpiece for jazz or the Selmer S80 C* or Vandoren Optimum for classical work.  This model is warmer than the AW01 and AW02.
Model features underslung octave key, post to rib body construction, double-arm low B and C key, High F# key, improved table key connections, F vibration dampening bar, improved front F key, metal thumb rests, improved ergonomic palm keys and hand engraved bell.
The Bronze models will play slightly brighter than the lacquered models.  Overall intonation on Yanagisawa saxophones is outstanding!!
The Sax Alley price will include our ” Complete Adjustment”.

Shipping cost is extra and dependent on destination.

Comes with case, mouthpiece, cap, ligature and cork grease.

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Professional Model

New, Used, or Vintage



AW010 – Yellow Brass Body, Lacquered, AW010 – Same as AW01 with Ribbed Construction, AW020 – Bronze, AW037 – All Sterling Silver, AW010S – Silver-Plate, AW010UL – Brass, Un-Lacquered, AW020 – Bronze, Pink Gold-Plate, AW020UL – Bronze, Un-Lacquered, AW030 – Sterling Silver Body and Neck, brass bow and bell, AW032 – Bronze Body and Bow, Sterling Silver Bell and Neck, AW033 – Brass Body and Bow, Sterling Silver Bell and Neck, AW035 – Sterling Silver Body, Bell and Neck, Brass Bow, AW037PG – Sterling Silver, Pink Gold-Plated, AW020PG – Bronze, Pink Gold-Plated, AW020S – Bronze, Silver-Plated