William S Haynes Vintage, Commercial Model, Low C Foot Flute #12,xxx – NEW SALE PRICE!!



This is a vintage, Haynes “Commercial Model” Flute with a Low C Foot and closed tone holes, Serial #12,602, back when Haynes was THE name in flutes.  This would be a great flute for a doubler who wants a meaty, warm sound without worrying about covering open holed keys.  These are sought after by doublers for their great sound and lower cost.

A great, vintage professional flute for a New Intermediate Flute price!



We no longer do any flute work, so you are getting this one “as is”, but it plays.  A good repair tech overhauling this  flute will get you a fantastic playing instrument!
(Shipping is extra and dependent on location.)

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Professional Model

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