Vito Japan Student Model Tenor #505,289 in very good condition – Same as Yamaha YTS-23



Student Model tenor made for Vito by Yamaha.  This is the same instrument as the Yamaha YTS-23 with different colored lacquer and a different name on the bell.  These play really well and are very durable!

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Why throw away your money renting when you can own this tenor for far less!!!
This tenor, #505,289, is in very good condition and will work well for a beginner or a pro player who wants a good playing second horn that won’t  break the bank.
Great action, intonation and response for a low cost.
Price includes our $185 “Complete Adjustment” so it will play as well as possible when you receive it.
(Shipping cost is extra and dependent on destination.  Normally $85 to $100 in the Continental US.)

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