Vandoren V5 A35 Hard Rubber Alto Mouthpiece – Used



Very good clasical mouthpiece that has a touch more presence than a Selmer Hard Rubber S80 Alto.  The A35 has a bigger tip opening than the Selmer C* if you need something more.  The V5 Series was Vandoren’s standard classical series for years until they introduced the Optimum.  Both are still widely used.




This mouthpiece is in very good condition.  There is minor tooth wear on the bite area, but the tip and rails are excellent.

Vandoren is probably the best at accurate facings in their manufacturing of standard production mouthpieces.

No ligature or cap included.  The Vandoren M/O and Optimum Ligatures work well with this mouthpiece.  Click on the “Extra Option” if you want one of these ligatures included.

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