Vandoren V16 Hard Rubber Tenor Mouthpiece T6 – Great Condition



The V16 Tenor is a balanced pitch that will play just a slight bit darker than a hard rubber Otto Link Mouthpiece.  (Vandoren mouthpieces are the best production pieces on the market so when you purchase one they will be accurate according to what their specifications say.) 




  Medium chamber: Warm and expressive, ideal for section playing, warmest sound of the two.


No ligature or cap included.  I would recommend the Vandoren M/O or Optimum.  Click on the “Ligature Option” if you want one of these ligatures added to your mouthpiece purchase.

Additional information

Chamber Size

Small Chamber (Brigther Sound), Medium Chamber (Warmer Sound)

Tip Opening

A5 (.074" Tip), A6 (.077" Tip), A7 (.080" Tip), A8 (.085" Tip), A9 (.090" Tip)

New, Used, or Vintage