Vandoren Universal Saxophone Harness (Regular and Long String Sizes)


The new Vandoren harness is a universal weightless saxophone support system that is unlike any device on the market. With its patent pending rear support bars, the system takes the weight of any saxophone and distributes it so evenly that the saxophone practically feels weightless.

(Shipping cost will be more than the web site indicates due to the size and weight of this item.)


The universal part of the system is that is can be used by students and professionals from small sizes to large sizes. The same harness works for baritone, tenor, and alto saxophone. The Vandoren harness comes with its own soft pouch that stores in the bell of a tenor sax for easy transport.
 It is pricey?  Yes.  Is it worth it?  Absolutely!!
Here is the YouTube Video on how the harness works:

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Regular, Long String