Theo Wanne MANTRA Metal Soprano #7 with ligature kit and original box – Used


From Theo’s Website:

The MANTRA soprano mouthpiece has a fat projecting sound with just the right amount of edge. It’s unique rollover baffle, square window, Shark Gill Chamber™, along with Theo’s advanced manufacturing techniques; make this a standout in the mouthpiece market. You will receive the most consistent and highest quality soprano mouthpiece in history

Warren Hamm touring with Ringo Starr is also playing the MANTRA Soprano mouthpiece.  Any contemporary soprano player wanting a bright, yet full and fat soprano sound, will love the MANTRA soprano mouthpiece!


  • Great for all types of Jazz, R&B and Rock & Roll.

  • Very nice core sound!


  • Revolutionary Shark-Gill Chamber™ with a medium step AND roll-over baffle.

  • Crafted to the highest accuracy in the history of saxophone mouthpieces.

  • Designed by Theo Wanne, the foremost expert on the design and manufacturing of vintage and new mouthpieces.

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This mouthpiece has a very high cut-off baffle which will work for you if you produce a fast air stream.  #7 facing with all the original accessories, original box and Theo Wanne Ligature Kit!

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