Selmer Vintage Hard Rubber Clarinet Mouthpiece G7 #34096


I have never had one of these in the shop before.  This Vintage Selmer Hard Rubber Clarinet Mouthpiece is likely from the 30’s or 40’s with the logo very low on the shank.  The table says “G7” on it, but there appears to be some very small lettered words under that marking that are partially erased, maybe due to someone refacing the piece.   More info below.

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John Jereb emailed me and gave me more info on this mouthpiece:
For your clarinet mouthpiece “Selmer Vintage Hard Rubber Clarinet Mouthpiece G7 #34096,” the number, as you guessed, is not a serial number. It is a facing measurement. For a brief period starting in 1938, Selmer (Paris) advertised that each of its mouthpieces would be stamped with the facing length (“34” indicated a 17 mm facing by the convention of those days) and the tip opening (“096″ indicated 0.96 mm).”
John also indicated what we suspected, that Woodwind Company may have taken some of these Selmer pieces and refaced them with their facing system, thus the G7 on the mouthpiece.
Thanks, John!  It’s great people like you that help us all learn more about these vintage items!!!
There are some very small nicks in the tip and the inside of one the rails, but they should not affect playability.  There is a patch on the bite area so I am assuming it is in good condition under the patch.
Cool, vintage Bb clarinet mouthpiece!!
No cap or ligature included.

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