Selmer Super Action 80 Series III Tenor Saxophone – NEW Jubilee Edition, Multiple Finishes Available


: $12,534.00$39,991.00


Selmer Paris Series III Professional Model Tenor.   The Series III has improved ergonomics and a prettier “ring” to the sound quality than the Series II.  I believe this is a better jazz horn than the Series II, but can be used for both jazz and classical.


(Special Order Item- not normally in stock)


Acoustics: Series III body style-full sound, Necks: Series III bore, Construction: mini ribs, Body material: yellow brass with extra copper, Mouthpiece: S-80 C*, Mechanism: compact key positioning – closer to the body and directly under the hand, Range: high F# key, Front F key: spatula, Left-hand thumb rest: metal, Right-hand thumb rest: metal adjustable, Adjusting screws: high F, G# key, F#/G# lug, F#/G#, adjusting bar, low C#, low B, side C, side Bb, Pivot screws: tapered, Needle springs: blued steel, Pads: treated leather with metal resonators, C# vent to keep C# in tune, Hand-engraved bell, BAM case with case cover.
The Sax Alley price on this tenor includes our extensive “New Horn Set Up” and FREE SHIPPING.

(There are multiple finishes available so be sure to select the finish you would like.  Black Lacquer tends to play a bit warmer as the finish is applied in multiple coats.  Matte lacquer is slightly warmer than standard lacquer since it is applied in a different way that requires a bit more lacquer than the standard lacquer finish.  Silver-Plate has a depth and meat to the sound that you don’t get with lacquers and a quicker response as well.  Gold-Plate has to be silver-plated before they can apply the gold, so the sound is heavier and warmer than Silver-Plate.  Sterling Silver will respond the fastest of all and gives a clarity to the sound that no other finish has.)

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Standard lacquer (64J), Black Lacquer (64JBL), Matte Lacquer (64JM), Silver-Plate (64JS), Gold-Plate (64JGP), Sterling Silver Neck and Body (64JA)