Selmer Signet Tenor Saxophone with full Veritone Set-up including Amp and all necessary cords and extras!!!



Selmer Signet Tenor Saxophone, #459,835, with full “Varitone” set-up in excellent condition.  One of a kind!! 

If you’re a collector, you will want this!!!

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Apparently, Selmer offered the Varitone Model in Selmer Signet models later.  You would normally have see these on Mark VI Saxophones.  Many Mark VI’s are still out there with holes drilled in the necks, but more for other types of pick-ups rather than the Varitone Pick-up.
Includes 2 flute head joints with Varitone receivers, one Brilhart Tonalin Tenor mouthpiece with Varitone pick-up, the original Varitone Amplifier and vinyl cover, all necessary cords and the Amplifier owner’s manual!!!
(We would prefer you come and purchase this one “in house” as we don’t like the idea of shipping it!)
I don’t think we would actually charge the asking price for this incredible ensemble, but that price is there to let you know that we don’t want to send this out for fun.  Serious inquiries only, please.