Selmer Signature 440 Professional Bb Clarinet #N03101 with three barrels and Vandoren and Yamaha Mouthpieces!



Very good condition, Selmer “Signature” 440 Professional Model Bb Clarinet #N03101.   These sell new for over $6000 so you are getting a great price!!!

“SIGNATURE” is a unique and unrivalled concept. The tone, a right compromise between roundness and presence, is a subtle mixing of sweetness and energy. A wide dynamic range facilitates pianissimo and unsaturated fortissimo, with a perfectly homogeneous tone over the various registers. A centred and easy emission provides a high level control. 
The tuning is perfectly balanced (higher toneholes) and for a better adaptability, the Bb clarinet is available in two different pitches (440 or 442).

These artists play clarinet Bb Signature : 
Jacques Di Donato (professor, Lyon, France)Todd Levy (soloist, Milwaukee Orchestra, US)Steve Williamson (soloist, NY Metropolitan Opera, US)Michel Lethiec (international soloist, France)Stéphane Chausse (soloist, jazz, France)

(We no longer do any work on Clarinets, so you are purchasing in “as is” condition.)


Signature 440 B-flat Clarinet Boehm system – E flat lever          Silver plated Keys (AO)

Key : BbBore diameter : 14.50mm / 0.571 inch Pitch : 440,442 Delivered with two barrels :              440 : 64.5 mm & 62.5 mm 
            442 : 64.5 mm & 62.5 mm 
System : Standard Boehm N°1B (17 Keys, 6 Rings) Left-hand Eb leverBarrels, body joints and bell : Grenadilla woodKeywork : Silver plated Nickel Silver Metal tenon sockets (male + female)Adjustable thumbrest Leather PadsBlue steel springs

Comes with two Selmer barrels, a Backun Barrel; Yamaha 3C, 4C and a Vandoren 5RV mouthpieces.

Shipping cost is extra and dependent on destination.

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Professional Model

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