Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Series II Bass Saxophone, Standard Lacquer Finish – NEW


: $43,594.00

Selmer Paris Bass Saxophone, Series II (Model 56). Very centered and focused sound quality in standard lacquer with excellent overall response and intonation.  We have sold a couple of these in the past and they are, without a doubt, THE BEST bass saxophone you can own and play.  They have changed the curvature of the tubing in the upper part of the instrument so they are weighted better as well.  A brighter sound sonically than the bass saxophones of the past, but playability is off the charts compared to the vintage models!!


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Selmer has long been know for it’s exceptional quality of sound, intonation and construction and these new models are no exception.  The current model Selmer saxophones are actually more even in response from top to bottom than the previous models and have better overall intonation as well.
Don’t buy a new Selmer from another dealer who will do no more than ship it to you!!  Without the extensive set up required on these models, they won’t play as well as they can and you will be left with an instrument that won’t work well for you.
The Sax Alley price on this bass includes our extensive “New Horn Set Up”  SHIPPING cost is extra due to the size and weight of the box and destination.
Comes with Selmer Paris mouthpiece, cap and ligature, neck strap and case.
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