Selmer Paris Super Action 80 Series II Bass Saxophone, Standard Lacquer Finish – NEW, Best Bass you can buy!!


Selmer Paris Bass Saxophone, Series II (Model 56). Very centered and focused sound quality in standard lacquer with excellent overall response and intonation.  We have sold a couple of these in the past and they are, without a doubt, THE BEST bass saxophone you can own and play.  They have changed the curvature of the tubing in the upper part of the instrument so they are weighted better as well.  A brighter sound sonically than the bass saxophones of the past, but playability is off the charts compared to the vintage models!!

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Features: Keywork: the positioning of the left- and right-hand little finger spatula groups affords particularly well-balanced handling; Adjusting Screw: the low A adjusting screw allows precise adjustment of the whole; Suspension Rings: a choice of three positions allows selecting the best playing balance; Adjustable holder: brings to the musician greater playing comfort when seated; Thumb rest made of plastic, its shape and location have been studied to prevent fatigue and tension in the fingers. Specifications: Key Bb; Range Low A/high F sharp; Thumb rest plastic; Waterkey on the upper arm; Leather pads, metal booster; Lacquered with engraving; Accessories Included; The top-of-the-line Selmer “Light” case in charcoal-grey cordura, specially designed for the “Super Action 80 Series II” bass saxophone, ensures optimum protection of the instrument. High-density foam insulating interior, with expanding score pocket. Fitted with rollers; Mouthpiece Selmer Paris S-80 Bass Saxophone Mouthpiece
The Sax Alley price on this bass includes our extensive “New Horn Set Up”  SHIPPING cost is extra due to the size and weight of the box and destination.
Comes with Selmer Paris mouthpiece, cap and ligature, neck strap and case.
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