Selmer Paris ‘Concept’ Hard Rubber Soprano Mouthpiece – Used, Excellent



“Concept” is the latest in Selmer’s firmly established line of mouthpieces.  It combines Henri Selmer Paris legendary know-how with ultimate manufacturing technologies.  This mouthpiece provides ease of playability, a rich tone and a great consistency.  The innovative and refined design of the Concept perfectly illustrates the philosophy of Henri Selmer Paris.  



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This mouthpiece works very well with Yamaha and current Selmer Sopranos!  This one is in excellent condition and will save you $$$ over new.
Very warm and pretty sounding with a bit more resistance than the S80 and a bottom end that speaks very well.  Classical players who want a darker sound will love this mouthpiece!!
.042″ facing with a round chamber.
Medium Chamber – a medium chamber keeps the air-stream the same size as it moves through the mouthpiece which creates a centered and focused sound.


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