Selmer Metal Classic Alto Mouthpiece D – USED



Selmer Classic Metal Alto Mouthpiece in a D Facing.  Used in excellent condition!

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Selmer made these mouthpieces starting in 1955. They had two models, the Classic and a Jazz model. The jazz model was made famous by John Coltrane in the early 1960’s where he can be heard playing it on soprano. The jazz model has ‘Jazz’ written in a stylized font across the table. Notable saxophonists that play on the Classic model: Fred Hemke
The Classic features the same internal dimensions as the earlier hard rubber ‘Air Flow’ models. The chamber is small and round.
This mouthpiece is used, but in good condition! The table, tip, and rails are in great condition. The only issue with this piece is the bite plate, it has a slight warp. It doesn’t effect how the piece plays.
No Ligature or Cap included.


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