Santee Saxophones ‘Armageddon’ Tenor – Satin Black Nickel Plate with Honey Gold Keys – NEW MODEL!!!


Santee’s new flagship tenor model – made of high copper content brass – features a stunning, bold combination of satin black nickel plating and dark honey gold lacquer.

Aaron Santee ( is an outstanding saxophonist who grew up in Wisconsin and went to Berklee College of Music in Boston, studying saxopnone with George Garzone.  Sax Alley is excited to be able to offer this one of a kind instrument!

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Santee “Armageddon” Handmade Professional Tenor Saxophone
Finish: Satin Black nickel plate with honey gold keys. 
Features include: 
  • Black Pisoni-Pro Italian waterproof pads with metal resonators
  • Styled keys
  • Black mother of pearl finger buttons
  • Lead-free solder construction
  • Premium blued needle springs
  • Drawn straight tone holes. 
  • integrated rubber 0-rings in height adjustment screws
  • Tapered pivot screws
  • High copper content brass
Most of the key posts are individually soldered, unlike ribbed construction (common on most saxophones). This allows the instrument to vibrate more freely, giving you more resonance! 
Adjustment screws on left and right stacks feature an integrated rubber ring that they’ve found reduces the chance of the screws vibrating loose over time.
The neck is hand beveled to help reduce turbulence where air enters the neck from the mouthpiece.
Genuine black mother of pearl finger buttons are lightly textured to help prevent slipping.


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