Rico Metalite Bari Mouthpiece



Metalite mouthpieces were designed by Arnold Brillhart and offer the brilliant sound qualities of metal using a durable composite material.



These are a very good playing mouthpiece for the price.  If you are on a budget and need something that will work and give you a bigger sound with a slight amount of edge, try one of these.

Cap and Ligature are not included.

Metalite mouthpieces are free blowing and feature several facing options:

M5 – Medium Open (works best with medium reeds)
M7 – Open (works best with medium soft to medium reeds)
M9* – Most open (works best with soft to medium soft reeds)
*M9 available for Tenor and Baritone only.

We keep the M5 and M7 facings in stock.  Others can be ordered.  Email or call if you are interested in other facings.



(saxalley@frii.com or 970-674-0222)



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M5 – Medium Open, M7 – Open