Phil-Tone “Tribute” Limited Metal Tenor Mouthpiece 7*, Raw Brass – Excellent

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The Tribute Ltd is the Phil-Tone way of paying homage to jazz saxophone legends as well as to the mouthpiece that so many used to create their voice .  The Florida Link holds a special place in musical history for many of us and this mouthpiece is a tribute to that piece.

Excellent condition 7* facing.

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From the Phil-Tone Website:
Theo and I began with a vast collection of vintage pieces. We chose the very best metal vintage Florida for analysis. Through the use of laser mapping, 3d printers, and months of trials and adjustments the goal was achieved; a piece with the richness, color, and vibrancy, of the vintage original without modernizations or added “steroids”. The Tribute can whisper or project with attitude. Always complex, always full, its versatility and precise construction opens endless avenues of musical articulation. Simply put, the piece sounds and feels like the best Florida you will find at a fraction of the cost and effort.
The Ltd is an updated version of the tribute, trimmer side rails, it comes in a FULL RANGE of Sizes unlike the original Tribute. It has more hand work and more importantly added presence and power. However, it still holds true to the Florida Tradition. The piece comes in a “Vintified Finish” or in bare brass.
No ligature included.