Phil-Tone ‘Equinox II’ Hard Rubber Tenor Mouthpiece – No longer available



The long time loved Equinox has received an overhaul and it has more of what made the piece great.  It still retains its great focus and a balance  with both warmth and sizzle.  The Equinox II has additional power, more depth and more complexity. With clarity and definition, the altissimo is exceptionally resonant.  Articulation is quick, easy, and precise.  The Equinox II supports a slightly modified chamber and a modified facing curve that makes it even easier to shape your sound and conquer the demands of a professional musician.  While no gear will make you play like Coltrane it retains an upper register vibe that is reminiscent of the his unmistakable Ballads.   If you are looking for complexity, focus, and resonance in all registers, look no further than the Equinox II.




No cap or ligature included so we recommend the following:
     Francois Louis Pure Brass XL
     Vandoren Optimum
Unfortunately, these are no longer available.  We are hoping they may be in the future.

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#6* (.095" Tip), #7 (.100" Tip), #7* (.105" Tip), #8 (.110" Tip), #8* (.115"Tip)