Otto Link Tone Edge “Early Babbitt” Hard Rubber Tenor Copy – New, fantastic tenor mouthpiece from JJ Babbitt!!


New from JJ Babbitt!  These are copies of the “Early Babbitt” model Otto Link Tone Edge tenor pieces from the mid 1970’s.  These play very well and are worth every penny spent!!


I played this mouthpiece next to my original, vintage “Early Babbitt” Tone Edge and found the modern version to play extremely well.   They are very free blowing, slightly brighter than the vintage model (no doubt due to the rubber used now as opposed to the rubber from the 70’s), but very open and comfortable.  You would have to pay about twice what these cost for the vintage version.
Limited facings now, but more on the way.  This is a great mouthpiece!!

Additional information


#5 .080" tip opening, #5* .085" tip opening, #6 .090" tip opening, #6* .095" tip opening, #7 .100" tip opening, #7* .105" tip opening, #8 .110" tip opening