Otto Link Super Tone Master ‘New Florida Model’ Metal Tenor Mouthpiece 5* – Like New!!



From the JJ Babbitt Web Site:

ELKHART, INDIANA–The jj Babbitt Company, Inc. proudly celebrates its 100th anniversary by introducing the Otto Link FL (FLORIDA) mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. “We’re expanding upon the classic, distinctive sound of Otto Link with this FL edition,” said Rocco (Rocky) Giglio, jj Babbitt’s president and chief operating officer. The limited edition mouthpiece has a sleek gold-tone finish and limited production, beginning in 2019, our centennial year. 

The FL Otto Link, has been several years in the making and was created through extensive development and testing, along with evaluation by professional musicians. Craftsmen from jj Babbitt then implemented a combination of minor adjustments in virtually every aspect of the mouthpiece in order to capture the unrivaled Otto Link sound. “This is the original,” Giglio said. Other manufacturers have tried to copy the unique Otto Link sound, but no one has duplicated it.”

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Each mouthpiece is individually serial numbered and come with a ligature and cap.  This one is serial number 001559 and is a 5* facing with original ligature, cap and box, all in like new condition.



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