Otto Link ‘New Vintage’ Hard Rubber Tenor Mouthpiece #10 and 10* Facings!



This mouthpiece is a copy of the vintage “Slant Signature” Otto Link tenor mouthpiece and these play nearly as well as the original “Slant” pieces at a very reasonable price.   

My compliments to JJ Babbit company for creating a really good hard rubber tenor mouthpiece!!

Comes with cap and ligature.



#10 and #10* facings!  We don’t normally get such a facings in stock, but for those of you who need them, we have them.  All mouthpieces are serial numbered and we have found them to play consistently good from mouthpiece to mouthpiece.  Response is very easy and they are extremely comfortable to play the minute you try them. 
They do seem to feel about a half size smaller than the tip opening would indicate, so order accordingly.

Otto Link

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#10 .130" Tip Opening, #10* .135" Tip Opening