Meyer Hard Rubber Alto Mouthpiece with Phil-Tone Custom Reface – New (Only one left in a #7)



For years, Meyer and Meyer Brothers mouthpieces have been the preferred choice of many jazz alto saxophonists. Many of the mouthpieces that earned the company this reputation were made when each piece was hand faced. Unfortunately, current production Meyers don’t have such a level of care put into them, resulting in some inconsistency from piece to piece.

The Phil-Tone Meyer is a corrected and customized version of the current Babbitt Meyer.  The table is flattened, the throat is slightly enlarged, and a proper facing is applied for ease of play and rapid response. The result is a classic mouthpiece with a rich tonal palette that is never shrill or thin. Expect deeper lows, a strong mid range, and highs that project with clarity and resonance.



I have repeatedly played these pieces back to back with much higher priced original New York Meyers and they consistently stand up nicely to their vintage counterparts. There are slight differences but certainly not enough to justify such a large price differ. If you are in the market for vintage Meyers, be sure to add these wonderful mouthpieces to your list of options!

No cap or ligature included so we recommend any of the following:

     Francois Louis Ultimate or Pure Brass XL

     BG Duo Gold or Silver Plate, Tradition, Super Revelation or Flex

     Vandoren Optimum

     Rico H Gold or Silver Plate

(Only one #7 left.  Phil is discontinuing this mouthpiece in favor of his own branded version.)

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#7 (.081" Tip)