Leblanc Bliss Bb Clarinet #JB24,173 – Used



Leblanc “Bliss” Intermediate Model, Wooden Bb Clarinet #JB24,173 in good condition.


The original owner gave this to us to sell. This one has black nickel plated key work, but some of the plating is missing.  He said the original bottom joint was damaged and had to be replaced so the wood color is not quite the same as the rest of the horn.  

Famous Clarinetist, Julian Bliss, had a collaboration with Leblanc for a time and he was responsible for getting these clarinets on the market for them.

We do not do any clarinet work, so you are purchasing “as is”.   It has synthetic pads throughout.  A couple of the keys are binding and the rings are loose.  This is a project horn for a good tech to work on.

Comes with a really nice, small back pack case.

Shipping cost is extra and dependent on destination.

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Intermediate Model

New, Used, or Vintage