Leblanc Bb Clarinet #5,7xx (1960’s)



This Leblanc Bb Clarinet is somewhat of a mystery to me (serial #5,7xx).  I am definitely no expert, but every source I have looked at shows that the emblem is from the 1960’s, but there is no model name on the instrument at all.  Keys are nickel.


Condition is good except that the barrel is cracked, although not all the way through to either end.  Case is excellent, protected by a canvas case cover, and the clarinet comes with a Selmer Hard Rubber HS* Mouthpiece with Selmer nickel ligature and cap.

We are no longer working on clarinets since our superb flute and clarinet tech has left for a shop in Denmark.  Pads appear to be pretty good.  This one is in “as is” condition, hence the lower price.  You can have your local clarinet tech work on it for you.

Shipping cost is extra and dependent on location.

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