Key Leaves


Key Leaves are key props that keep G#, C# and Eb keys open and dry in the case! Check the description for more details!

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  • Key Leaves® saxophone key props totally prevent ALL severe sax key sticking malfunction of G#, C# and Eb and reduce other forms of sticky sax keys by 98%!
  • Increase airflow to the saxophone body and key pads to decrease growth of bacteria, yeast, virus and fungus that rot your sax and endanger health.
  • No messy pad powders, chemicals, liquids or wasteful disposables. Our patented products are most effective and natural way to cure sticky saxophone pads.
  • Sax care products for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bari Sax, Bass Sax or C Melody. Key Leaves helps you protect them all


Here is a great video by Key Leaves showing how they work: