Jody Jazz Metal DV New York Alto Mouthpiece – Special Order Only


The Jody Jazz DV Alto mouthpiece will give you a lot of power and brightness with a minimal amount of effort.  Jody Espina makes great playing mouthpieces!


Three Goals in Creating the DV Series of Saxophone Mouthpieces
  1. To create the most efficient mouthpiece possible. That means that there are more harmonics present in the sound and therefore the projection of this Alto sax mouthpiece is huge.
  2. To eliminate the annoying shrillness that is associated with loud bright metal alto saxophone mouthpieces.
  3. To have a big fat midrange and bottom end that has never been present before in an alto mouthpiece with strong projection.
These mouthpieces to play very easily and will get you a powerful sound with good presence.  The New York Model is warmer than the standard DV.
Each Jody Jazz mouthpiece comes with ligature and cap and is packaged in a nice wooden container.  

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#5 (.072" Tip), #6 (.078" Tip), #7 (.083" Tip), #8 (.090" Tip)