Jody Jazz DV NY Metal Tenor Mouthpiece – Special Order Only



The Jody Jazz DV NY Mouthpiece plays with extreme ease and power, but the NY model has a lower floor and less baffle so the sound is warmer than the standard DV.  The large window in the mouthpiece allows for more of the reed to vibrate which helps to create that big sound. 


This is a very good mouthpiece for a player who wants a little more warmth to their sound, but would still like that big Jody Jazz sound with less effort than many mouthpieces.
Rico H Ligature and Jody Reed cover are included in the price.
(All facings are special orders.)

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New, Used, or Vintage



#6 (.090" Tip), #7 (.100" Tip), #7* (.105" Tip), #8* (.115" Tip), #9* (.125" Tip), #10* (.135" Tip)