Jody Jazz DV Metal Tenor Mouthpiece


The Jody Jazz DV Mouthpiece plays with extreme ease and power, but has a touch of brightness to the sound.  The large window in the mouthpiece allows for more of the reed to vibrate which helps to create that big sound.  



 This is s very good mouthpiece for a player who has a dark sound, dark instrument or just needs to have a lot of power with a minumum of effort. 

Rico H Ligature and Jody Reed cover are included in the price.

7* facing normally in stock.  Others can be special ordered.

(Please call to see what facings we may have in stock (970) 674-0222.)

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New, Used, or Vintage



#6 (.090" Tip), #7 (.101" Tip), #7* (.108" Tip), #8* (.116" Tip), #9* (.125" Tip)