Jody Jazz DV Metal Bari Mouthpiece


What Is the DV Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece?
Jody Espina has introduced the concept of Golden Section Proportions to the art of high end saxophone mouthpiece design. This perfect chamber/bore/facing combination will result in an extraordinary playing experience for you.
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Effortless Power & Beauty

Here, nature, science and imagination combine to create a revolutionary new saxophone mouthpiece. Jody Espina has designed the JodyJazz DV (U.S. Patent No. 7,470,844) using proportions and principles found in nature. For the most effortless playing experience of your life, we invite you to try the DV.

Three Goals in Creating the DV Series of Saxophone Mouthpieces


  1. To create the most efficient sax mouthpiece possible. That means that there are more harmonics present in the sound and therefore the projection of this bari sax mouthpiece is huge.(

  2. To eliminate the annoying shrillness that is associated with loud bright baritone saxophone mouthpieces.

  3. To have a big fat midrange and bottom end that has never been present before in a baritone mouthpiece with strong projection.

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A huge shout out to you and your company. I got my Jody jazz DV mouthpiece for Bari sax today. And I just couldn’t sit and wait, I had to play it right away. Right off the bat it sings. Just got done with a rehearsal and every one of the band members were amazed at how I sounded. I couldn’t be any happier with this purchase. I will be sure to tell my fellow musicians to look at your company when having to order any new music equipment or accessories!”

Thanks again!
      Cristian – Juneau, Alaska

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