Ishimori-Wood Stone Bb CLARINET Ligature – Solid Silver


ISHIMORI’s craftsmen take a number of manufacturing processes to produce high-quality Woodstone Handmade Ligatures. All the ligatures are precisely hand-finished. These ligatures are designed to be versatile for every player in different genres being satisfied with its highest quality and sound.



 These are really wonderful ligatures played by such notable clarinetists as:

  • Charles Neidich and Alan Kay – Professors at the Julliard School
  • Bill Hudgins – Principle Clarinetist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • Anthony McGill – Principle Clarinetist of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra
  • Johan Hindler – The Vienna Philharmonic
  • Mark Nuccio – Associate Principle Clarinetist of the New York Philharmonic
  • Sam Caviezel - Associate Principle Clarinetist of the Philadelphia Orchestra


No cap included.

(Only Silver left in stock.)

Copper — centered and warm sound
Copper with gold plate — powerful and bright sound
Copper with pink gold plate — moderately bright and warm sound
Copper with brushed satin finish — comfortable resistance and massive sound
Solid silver — rich and warm sound
Solid silver with pink gold plate — comfortable resistance and round sound

Brass with Gold Plate — brighter with less resistance

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Solid Silver (Special Order)