Francois Louis Ultimate L Tenor Ligature & Cap (Brass, Silver-Plate or Gold-Plate)



A single central screw under the contact plate ensures an even distribution of the pressure on the reed and allows the reed to vibrate freely without damping the natural vibration of the mouthpiece. Thanks to the resonating pipes this ligature generates a range of sympathetic vibrations that enrich the player’s sound.



This model fits the Francois Louis tenor mouthpieces as well as a hard rubber Berg Larsen and other mouthpieces of similar external size.
Silver and Gold plate are available, but generally by special order.
This model fits the following hard rubber mouthpieces:  Francois Louis, Berg Larsen, Ponzol (some), Jody Jazz Classic (needs the level expander with it) and Zinner (some).

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Brass, Silver-Plate, Gold-Plate