Francois Louis Pure Brass L Tenor Ligature & Cap (Brass, Silver-Plate or Gold-Plate)



The Pure Brass Ligature has been disigned for a perfect match with hard rubber and wooden mouthpieces. The stainless steel wires of the original Ultimate Ligature have been replaced by a brass brace.  The tightening is assured by a single top screw and it uses a solid brass pressure plate. 


 The longitudinal contact with the mouthpiece by brass resonating pipes and rolls guarantees free vibrations of the reed-mouthpiece ensemble.  The result:  a deeper, warmer tone with a well balanced resistance and great projection.
Comes with the “Smart Cap” included.
This model fits the following hard rubber mouthpieces:  Francois Louis, Berg Larsen, Ponzol (some), Jody Jazz Classic (some) and Zinner (some).


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Brass, Silver-Plate, Gold-Plate