Francois Louis Excellence Reeds – Tenor (Most consistent reed on the market!)



François Louis developed the Excellence reed to meet jazz saxophonists’ expectations: consistency, strength and durability.  Its progressive flexibility on the longer portion helps to produce a fuller and deeper tone on the most popular jazz mouthpieces while maintaining body and stability in the higher register.


Everyone that has purchased these has commented that NEARLY EVERY REED played right out of the box!  That makes your price per reed lower than other brands which usually have only 2 or 3 reeds playing well out of the box.  These are the best playing reeds I have come across in the last 15 years!
The Excellence Reeds are available in strengths from 2 – 5.  Check the reed strength chart to see how they compare to your current reeds. 

Non-French Cut.  Price per box of 10.


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#2 – Box of 10, #2.5 – Box of 10, #3 – Box of 10, #3.5 – Box of 10, #4 – Box of 10, #4.5 – Box of 10, #5 – Box of 10