Francois Louis Classique Reeds – Bb Clarinet – (CLOSEOUT!!!)

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Francois couldn’t leave the classical players behind and also developed a “Classique” reed for alto sax players and clarinet players. His experience as a saxophonist combined with the advice of many classical musicians, who have tried prototypes and confirmed his selections, helped breed this reed. Francois did not master the clarinet enough to achieve such a journey alone.



The constructive collaboration with the excellent Belgian clarinet player Fabrice Alleman was extremely precious. It is his patience and “live tests” that allowed Francois to confirm every microscopic modification of the cut on the sound produced and the ease of playing, thanks to Fabrice, Francois was able to create a reed in perfect balance with the “philosophy” of all his work.
Everyone that has purchased these has commented that NEARLY EVERY REED played right out of the box!  That makes your price per reed lower than other brands which usually have only 2 or 3 reeds playing well out of the box.  These are the best playing reeds I have come across in the last 10 to 15 years!
The Classique Reeds are available in strengths from 2 – 5.  #3, 3.5 and 4 regularly in stock.  
Check the reed strength chart to see how they compare to what you are currently playing.
French Cut.  Price per box of 10 and $2.10 per reed!!!

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#2, #2.5, #3, #3.5, #4, #4.5, #5 (Special Order Only)