Francois Louis Basic XL Tenor Ligature & Cap (2 finishes)



The Basic Ligature provides all the advantages of the Ultimate Ligature (brass brace, tightening  by a single top screw and a longitudinal contact with the mouthpiece and reed), using a simpler production process.


This offers a high class ligature and affordable price for every player who wants to experiment with the sound qualities of a ligature.  The Basic Ligature is lighter and less resistant and will be perfect for those who don’t want to work too hard to produce a free and deep sound.
Available and brushed brass and brushed silver finishes.
This model fits the following hard rubber mouthpieces:  Selmer,  Ponzol (some), Otto Link, Jody Jazz HR, Rousseau, Zinner (some), Vandoren and Meyer.

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New, Used, or Vintage


Sax Type



Brushed Brass, Brushed Silver-Plate