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The  Forestone “Hinoki” reed has just come on the market and it THE BEST hybrid-synthetic reed any of us at Sax Alley have ever played!!  You can use this for classical saxophone and although it isn’t quite as good as a GOOD cane reed, it is VERY close and plays better than many cane reeds.


Forestone reeds are made by proprietary injection molding developed in Japan.  This results in reeds with optimally smooth vamps that are exceptional uniform and consistent, reed to reed.
Forestone reeds are perfectly balanced side to side and front to back. The more or less standard profile tapers down to 0.1 mm thickness across the tip. Held up to the light, the reeds display the classic upside-down “U-shape” associated with cane reeds.
Forestone reeds tend to maintain their strength / resistance over time. They vibrate well and hold the centre of the sound in a manner similar to that of a good quality cane reed. The basic timbre is robust, clear and strong, with just enough “buzz” to ensure projection and carrying power. Intonation is stable and the reeds articulate well throughout the range of the clarinet and saxophone.
The difference in feel between Forestone and cane is minimal. That said, it is the wise player who takes some time to get comfortable with Forestone, in the same way as he or she would take time to get comfortable with a new mouthpiece, ligature, barrel or instrument.
Blowing resistance can be adjusted with Forestone reeds by slightly raising or lowering the reed on the mouthpiece table (slightly lower placement = slightly less resistance, slightly higher placement = slightly more resistance). Although other types of adjustment are usually not necessary, the material is sufficient hard that one can still do so using blades, files, sandpaper, reed rush or whatever other tool or implement is desired. One can also clip Forestone reeds successfully. 
Reed Comparison Chart
Strength is comparable to about one half strength less than a Vandoren Traditional (Blue Box) reed.
This is a fantastic sythetic, far better than any other synthetic we have tried!!!!
Price per reed.
Here’s what Steve Neff said about the Hinoki reeds in a review he did on this product:

Forestone Hinoki Synthetic Reeds Review

(One of our valued customers has noted that he received even better response from this reed when he sanded the back side to make the back more flat.)

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