Eastman 642-BS Straight Soprano, Black Nickel Plate with Silver Keys #11535431 ( Eastman Artist hand picked horn) (SOLD!)



The Eastman ESS-642BS (Black Nickel Plate with silver-plated keys) Soprano plays great with a big sound, lots of projection and excellent intonation for a reasonable price.

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Serial #11535431 is owned by an Eastman Artist Endorser.  This one was hand-picked and plays well.   Condition is excellent with all good pads.  No mouthpiece or accessories included.  This is one is in black nickel plate with silver-plated keys.  Looks great and plays just as good!
We will include our $175 “Complete Adjustment” in with the price of this soprano so it will play better than new when you receive it.
(Shipping costs on used saxophones are not included in the price and are based on the destination, usually $65 to $95 on a soprano.)