E. Anello Soprano Mouthpiece OR Facing


Emil Anello made this mouthpiece.  It has a “OR” on the shank indicates that this mouthpiece has a .066″ tip opening.  Unfortunately, Mr. Anello died in 2010 and there isn’t much info about this mouthpiece, but I did see the following on Theo Wanne’s site:


Emil Anello began working with mouthpieces over three decades ago and is a veteran tool designer of 35 years of the Square-D Company. Appreciating the importance of precision and accuracy Emil eventually launched his own product line of mouthpieces that is both popular and affordable and utilizes the most popular facings. Emil has refaced thousands of mouthpieces and sold even more. Although Anello Mouthpieces remains a small business, Emil continues to give each musician the personalized attention they desire.

This mouthpiece is in great condition.  Tip, rails and facing looks perfect.  


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