Dave Guardala New Crescent Model Mouthpiece with Original Box, Ligature and Cap!- Like New Condition


Guardala mouthpieces are synonymous with quality and made famous by Michael Brecker creating his own amazing sound on his own models with the MB and MB II. Shock waves were sent through the jazz community in the 1980s. Superior sound could be reached through precise, high quality manufacturing and innovative “Computer Numerical Control Milling Machine” technology. This technology opened the doors to a previously unheard level of precision in mouthpiece technology.

This piece is in like new condition in its original box with its original cap and ligature.


Before this, mouthpieces were welded from two pieces, which didn’t allow for the resonance and vibration characteristics Guardala mouthpieces offer. Although Guardala mouthpieces are computer milled, they still require extensive finishing and extreme attention to detail, which means every Guardala mouthpiece is a combination of computer accuracy and professional handcrafting expertise.

Nadir Ibrahimoglu is that professional. With decades of experience creating Dave Guardala mouthpieces for the European market, Nadir is now the world’s only manufacturer of Guardala Mouthpieces. He has taken on the legacy and tradition of Dave Guardala’s design principles and has carried them into the new millennium.

This model is the darkest of the Guardala pieces.  A lower baffle without the cut-off makes the sound more suitable for straight ahead jazz.  Tip opening is a .106″.

Nadir in Germany is now making the Dave Guardala mouthpieces.  He is a superb craftsman and they are identical to the laser trimmed pieces that Dave used to make.  He has the exclusive on these pieces now, Dave is not involved, but they are made to the exact same specifications.

This mouthpiece is gold plated


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