Dahlke Virtuoso RS Series Hard Rubber Classical Alto Mouthpieces – NEW (CLOSEOUT)



The Virtuoso Series RS(C) classical alto saxophone mouthpiece is Dahlke’s most innovative model to date, designed to combine the “best of both worlds” from traditional square and round chamber models, resulting in the flexibility of timbre and freedom of response associated with square chambers coupled with the added stability, focus, and homogenous scale of round chamber mouthpieces. 

A fantastic classical alto mouthpiece, from one of the top classical saxophonists in the country, that you should try if you are looking for the piece that will really give you that “something extra” in your sound.



This mouthpiece maintains the integrity and beauty of sound through the extreme dynamic range from ppp to fff. Constructed from Bradford Behn’s Proprietary Rod Rubber (true rolled rod rubber, the only mouthpieces in the world currently made from this material), these mouthpieces are unparalleled today in resonance and depth of sound. These mouthpieces were play tested and developed in rehearsals and performance by Andy Dahlke with the Philadelphia Orchestra.  

The consistency of these mouthpieces is excellent as each piece is CNC machined and hand finished.
Two facings available in the RS Model, Close and Medium.  
(No ligature or cap included.)
Andrew Dahlke has enjoyed a successful career as a performer in both the classical and jazz communities and is professor of saxophone at the University of Northern Colorado. Andrew is a regular, top-call saxophonist for the Philadelphia Orchestra, and performs with them around the country. Early in his career, Andrew was a jazz saxophonist in New York City, freelancing and leading his own groups. Andrew recently released a recording (2 Discs) of J. S. Bach’s Solo Cello Suites on soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones. This project is a first of it’s kind and has received excellent reviews. Along with the recording, Andrew published performance editions of the suites. Andrew’s former teachers include Larry Teal, Sr., Donald Sinta, Eugene Rousseau, Jim Riggs, and Tim Ries.

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