Buffet Super Dynaction Professional Model Alto #18,517 – Completely re-done and ready to go!!!

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Buffet Crampon Super Dynaction Professional Model Alto #18,517 (1972) in excellent mechanical condition with our “Complete Mechanical Restoration” included!   An incredible horn for an excellent price!


This alto body and neck has been de-lacquered but the lacquer is still great on all the keywork.  Not only is it beautiful to look at, we have already done our Sax Alley $1230 “Complete Mechanical Restoration”, and replaced all the springs with Selmer Paris Blued Steel Springs, so the instrument plays beautifully!
Buffet may not have the reputation of brands like Selmer, but their horns have been consistently great! The Super Dynaction line of horns were competition to well known horns like Selmer Mark VI’s and King Super 20s and typically have beautifully warm sounds. This is a later vintage Super Dynaction, which is an advantage as the design was refined consistently throughout their run. We’ve found that this horn works best with larger chamber mouthpieces and can really sing! The keywork feels most close to that of a Selmer Balanced action and is quite comfortable.
Comes with the original Buffet Alto Case.
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