Buffet Pre-R13 Professional Bb Clarinet #33,558




This clarinet is one of Buffet Crampon’s historic models.  It is actually from 1948, pre R13 years, and we’re not familiar with the differences between these earlier models and the R13’s.   The wood and sound on the older models tends to be much better than many current models.  Fortunately, it was used by a professional musician for many years in the Colorado Climate and does not have any cracks!


This one really needs an overhaul, thus the lower price.  We do not do any clarinet work so you are getting this one “as is” and you can take it to your local tech to get it in top playing condition.  

No mouthpiece included, but we have a good selection of new, used and vintage in our shop.  Call or email for recommendations on mouthpieces or check out the web site.  

Comes with case.

Shipping cost is extra and dependent on destination.

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Professional Model

New, Used, or Vintage