BG L51 24 Karat Gold-Plated Soprano Saxophone Ligature and Cap – Used in excellent condition


BG (Franck Bichon) L51 Soprano Saxophone Ligature and Cap in 24 Karat Gold-Plate.  These are a standard for holding the reed well and providing the ability for the reed to vibrate well.

Made in France.

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Gold-plated ligature, providing a rich tone for the soprano saxophonist.
  • BG’s “Tradition” Ligature.
  • This model is a 24K gold plated finish.
  • This ligature offers reed contact through rails only.
  • This allows the soloist to have a rich, full/colorful tone in all registers.
Should fit any standard size hard rubber soprano mouthpiece as well as Jody Jazz and Dukoff metal alto mouthpieces.