P. Mauriat Saxophones

P. Mauriat Saxophones

The P. Mauriat saxophones are some of the best sounding new saxophones I have heard. With vintage sound quality and modern key action, the new P. Mauriat saxophones provide everything a player needs. YOU NEED TO TRY THESE BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING ELSE, ESPECIALLY THEIR TENORS and BARIS!

Current professional artist/endorsers of these saxophones include: James Carter, Greg Osby, Darren Rahn, Hamiet Bluiett, Nelson Rangell, Ada Rovatti-Brecker, Jason Marshall, and Andy Snitzer.

Here are comments from some of the professional artist/endorsers of the P. Mauriat saxophones:

Ada Rovatti
Professional Saxophonist and Recording Artist

“The first time I tried a P. Mauriat saxophone I was stunned by the tone and the fast response. When finally I had more time to spend on it I completely fell in love with the fat sound and tone. P. Mauriat saxophones have the amazing sound of the vintage horns, but with easier intonation and superior mechanics. In short, they combine the best of the old and the best of the new, and with their very attractive appearance, I could not ask anything more from a horn!”

Ada Rovatti with P. Mauriat tenor saxophone

Darren Rahn
Recording Artist, Producer
(Produced and played saxophone on “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” on Wayman Tisdale’s new CD. Also producing for Nelson Rangell, Taylor Mesple’ and Shauna Chanda)

“What can I say? This is the real deal! I’m totally shocked at the quality, sound and feel and look of my new P. Mauriat tenor. After trying all of the most popular saxophones on the market today, I was frustrated with their performance and felt they were grossly everpriced for how they played. After settling on an amazing vintage saxophone, a friend recommended that I try the new P. Mauriat tenor. Now my vintage horn is collecting dust. This is the best new tenor I have ever played, hands down. It sounds fat, big, dark and gusty – and the price is absolutely amazing! I love the dark lacquer finish and the action feels terrific. Amazing lows, superb altissimo range and great intonation make it perfect for any type of music from classical to contemporary. I would recommend this horn to anyone with no reservations whatsoever.”

Darren Rahn with P Mauriat Tenor Saxophone

James Carter
Professional Saxophonist and Recording Artist

“In the overwhelming sea of new saxes out today there is a beacon of hope and its name is the P.Mauriat saxophone! As a solo voice, blending in big bands, sax ensembles, it has sonic qualities that make it a very charismatic and versatile horn. The registers are great from top to bottom with very good and stable pitch and visually the horns aren’t bad on the eyes either! Everywhere that I’ve been since dealing with the P. Mauriat has provoked positive inquiries in and about the aforementioned qualities. LONG LIVE THE ÒPÓ!!!! Ò

James Carter with P. Mauriat Saxophone


Jason Marshall
Saxophonist, New York, NY

“The P. Mauriat low Bb baritone sax is without a doubt the most comfortable instrument that I have ever played. Before switching to P. Mauriat, I played other famous vintage horns, but now I feel the P. Mauriat is the ideal combination. Sonically, the horn plays with a clarity and power that is rare among new instruments. P. Mauriat has succeeded in making a baritone sax for baritone sax players. This company represents the next evolution in saxophones.”

Jason Marshall with Bari P Mauriat Saxophone