Consignment Sales

Let Sax Alley sell your saxophone or mouthpiece on consignment for you!

If you want to sell that unused saxophone or mouthpiece contact Sax Alley and we will do our best to sell it for you. Selling on consignment puts more money in your pocket than if we take your saxophone on trade or purchase it outright.

We also will adjust the instrument for the new owner at no cost to you.  (If you pull your instrument from consignment you will be responsible for repair charges if repairs have already been made in preparation for possible sale.)  If there is major work necessary, we will repair the instrument and add our repair costs into the sale price so there is no money out of your pocket!

Consignment Fees

15% for any instrument selling for over $3000

20% for any instrument selling from $2000 to $3000

25% for any instrument selling from $1500 to $2000

30% for any instrument selling from $1000 to $1500

35% for any instrument selling for under $1000.

35% for the sale of used mouthpieces or accessories.

If you purchased your saxophone from Sax Alley, take 5% off of the above fees for us to to resell for you. (Another advantage to buying from Sax Alley!)

We sell a lot of used saxophones, clarinets and mouthpieces on consignment, so give us a try!